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Bristol Private Dance Lessons

We offer one to one private lessons to all age groups. Private lessons are for all / either of the following:

Choreographing and teaching a routine tailored to the individual.
Learning Performance Skills.
Learning Street dance moves & style.
Confidence building.

Prior to lessons the Dance Teacher will discuss your requirements with you and what you would like to achieve from the lessons.

We deliver Private Lessons in Bristol and Bath.  We are flexible in providing Private Lessons in towns / areas surrounding these major cities.


£40.00 per hour.

For further enquires please email: freshdanceco@hotmail.com

For all dance class / workshop enquires email: freshdanceco@hotmail.com
For all Fresh dance troupe enquires email: freshdancetroupe@hotmail.co.uk
For all Rockess makeover enquires email: rockessmakeovers@outlook.com

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