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Alisha Stephenson

I am the youngest member of Fresh. At a young age my mum encouraged me to do gymnastics and Free Style Disco Dance which I studied from aged 6-13. I had always wanted to learn Street Style dance but could not find anywhere in Bristol. My Dad used to do Street Style dance from a young age which inspired me. Through the help of my Dad in 2006 I found Fresh Dance Company. I soon studied other styles of dance; ballet, jazz, tap, contemporary & urban. During this period I have choreographed & taught children aged 8-11. Dance is a big part of my life. Through dance I express me!

For all dance class / workshop enquires email: freshdanceco@hotmail.com
For all Fresh dance troupe enquires email: freshdancetroupe@hotmail.co.uk
For all Rockess makeover enquires email: rockessmakeovers@outlook.com

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